Local & Regional Planning

​Local Planning

As part of Hill Country MHDD’s Local Planning process, we create two local planning documents regularly.

Consolidated Local Service Plan:

The Consolidated Local Service Plan (CLSP) encompasses all of the service planning requirements for Hill Country MHDD as a Local Mental Health Authority and Local Intellectual Developmental Disabilities Authority. The CLSP has three sections: Local Services and Needs, the Psychiatric Emergency Plan, and Plans and Priorities for System Development. Local planning is a collaborative activity, and the CLSP asks for information related to community stakeholder involvement in planning. Stakeholder input is an on-going activity, and input received will be reflected in the CLSP.

To view Hill Country MHDD Centers’ Consolidated Local Service Plan, please click on the link below.

Consolidated Local Service Plan

Needs Assessment

Local Provider Network Development Plan:

Hill Country MHDD Centers develops a Local Provider Network Development Plan regarding the configuration and development of its mental health provider network. The plan reflects the local needs and priorities while maximizing choice and access to qualified service providers for the people we serve. The goal of this process and plan is for the Center to incorporate strategies to ensure continuous access to services while the Center increasingly expands the network of providers. The desired outcome is for individuals in services to have choice from among multiple service providers and for the Center to provide management and oversight of the provider network. The extent to which this goal can be achieved and how quickly it can be reached will depend on the circumstances, needs, and preferences of the local communities served by the Center. The Center gathered and obtained input from its stakeholders regarding such things as:

  • Service needs and priorities of children, adolescents, and adults;
  • Crisis response system and services;
  • Development of the external provider network; and
  • Other significant issues and concerns

To view Hill Country MHDD Centers’ Local Plan Network Development Plan, please click on the link below.

Local Provider Network Development Plan

If you have questions or would like more information, please contact:

Randy Consford
Director of Special Projects
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